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Gymnasts Settle Sex Abuse Lawsuit For $1.5 Million

Gymnastics coach Michael Cardamone, who was accused of fondling 13 of his former gynastics pupils, has settled a lawsuit with them for $1.5 million, the Sun-Times is reporting. The gymnasts brought their lawsuit in 2005 accusing Cardomone and the Aurora gym owned by his family.


Cardamone was sentenced to twenty years in prison by a DuPage County jury in 2005 for fondling seven former students. His conviction was eventually overturned by an appeals court that ordered him to undergo a new trial.

The civil lawsuits was settled by the insurance company that insured the family gym, The American Institute Of Gymnastics, in Aurora, which is owned by Cardamone’s mother, Linda Lynch. Lynch, in a statement said, that she still supports her son and that any settlement over “zero is too much,” The thirteen girls will split up the proceeds of the settlement.

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