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Chicago Medical Malpractice-Doctors and Hospital Liens

What is a lien?

A physician is allowed to put a lien against any future settlement that comes out of that lawsuit. Or, a physician might be able to enter into a contract with a patient allowing the doctor to put a lien on whoever is responsible for his payment after the case is settled or decided. The lien, which can be sent to the defendant, the defendant’s attorney and the plaintiff’s attorney, would include the amount of reasonable charges for services rendered. The lien ensures that the physician’s name is on the settlement check, or that a check is cut once a settlement is made. A physician’s lien is a collection remedy employed by doctors to collect outstanding bills.

How is a lien created?

In Illinois,a physician’s lien is created through a statute. Illinois law requires doctors to follow specific rules in order to perfect any lien that they might have against the settlement proceeds of your case.

Negotiating a lien.

Illinois lawyers have many tools to challenge the validity of Physicians liens once they have been asserted. An experienced lawyer is necessary to negotiate the complex rules related to resolving these matters.

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