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Suburban Chicago Mom Killed, Daughter Injured In Bicycle Accident

Darlene McCue of Bristol, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, was killed on Sunday when her bicycle was hit by a Yorkville man who was driving a pickup truck. Her daughter, age 25, was also injured in the accident and remains in fair condition at Rush-Copley Hospital. The pickup truck was driving east on Kennedy Road when it struck the two cyclists who were travelling in the same direction.

Police cited the truck driver for improper lane usage. Early investigations do not show any sign of alcohol or drug involvement. Bicycle accidents and injuries are often tragic. Following basic safety guidelines will help to prevent a bicycle tragedy.

Here are some tips to help you remain safe when riding your bicycle:

1) Always wear a helmet. Helmets are lifesavers and significantly reduce the liklihood of brain injury in the event of a crash.

2) Ride with, not against traffic. This will help you avoid a situation where a driver turns right into traffic and cannot see a bike rider.

3) Dont ride on the sidewalk. Drivers coming out of alleys or intersections don’t always look to the sidewalk for bicycle traffic.

4) Get a fron headlight and wear reflective clothing for night riding.

5) Choose your route carefully. Avoiding busy streets can put you out of harm’s way.

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