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Psychiatric Malpractice/Suicide Case Settled By Goldberg & Goldberg

Lawyers at Goldberg & Goldberg settled a psychiatric malpractice case this week that was filed against Dr. Dixon Spivy and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chicago. The case involved a young pregnant mother of two who was released from St. Joseph’s Hospital after a suicide attempt. She continued to suffer from major depression and killed herself and her unborn fetus shortly thereafter. The case was pending in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.

The defendant’s alleged that the plaintiff, who took more then twenty melatonin sleeping pills, had not actually tried to kill herself and was merely trying to go to sleep. They also claimed that the plaintiff was not a risk of harm to herself or her unborn fetus. Dr. Spivy admitted that he only spet fifteen minutes evaluating the plaintiff in the hospital before declaring that she was only suffering from a mood disorder.

The case settled for an undisclosed sum of money.

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