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Jury Awards $2.1 Million To Chicago Man

A Wisconsin jury awarded $2.1 million to a Chicago, Illinois man who was the victim of medical malpractice in southern Wisconsin.  49 year old Daniel Nelson was injured in a motorcycle accident near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin almost nine years ago.

While rehabbing in a Burlington, Wisconsin hospital after the accident, Nelson’s tracheotomy tube became obstructed.  Doctors waited too long before calling for an emergency team skilled in airway management to clear the tube.  As a result, he nearly died and was in a coma for weeks.  Nelson has since partially recovered, and now suffers from significant speech and memory problems.

Wisconsin.jpgThe jury awarded Nelson $994,716 in medical expenses, $1 million for pain, suffering and disability, $50,000 to Nelson’s wife for loss of consortium and $65,000 to Nelson’s son,  Nelson has had multiple surgeries since the medical malpractice occured and is now confined to a wheelchair.

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